How to Deal with a Husband Addicted to Television

Does your husband spend hours sitting in front of a television screen without showing any sign that he intends to fulfill his household duties? When he sits entranced by what is occurring on television does he ignore or neglect to play with your child? If you have discovered these disturbing turn of events in your house then you are not alone.

Many people watch television as a way to “self-soothe” or relax their minds and bodies from a multitude of stressors such as: work-related issues, relationship problems, fear, depression, loneliness, boredom, illness and/or sleeping difficulties.

Your husband may be experiencing a stressor that causes him to “self-soothe” by watching television for long periods of time. If your husband successfully resolves the issue the habit will eventually fade, but if he is unable to resolve the issue then he will continue to fixate on the television as a way to escape his problem. Let your husband know that you are there for him if he wants to talk, but do not get offended if he prefers to work on his issue alone.  Be patient with your husband and his addiction to television will eventually fade away.

Tips to deal with a spouse who is a television addict:

  • Allow him to watch the program of his choice and do not complain about it.
  • Suggest a channel that you both can enjoy.
  • Let him enjoy the moment. You will have an opportunity to pick the channel or program at a later date.

Watching television is not a crime. Your concern lies in the fact that your husband watches television for long periods of time. The best thing that you can do for your husband is to remain calm and allow him to watch television when he needs to. Remember that watching television may be his way of dealing with stress and/or his conflicting emotions so give him a chance to resolve the issue on his own.

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