Signs of an Abusive Husband

Here are some tips which will help you clarify if your husband is abusive or not. These points are especially meant for those women who find it difficult to move out of an abusive relationship as they fail to believe that their husband is not an abusive male.

Undergoes Lots Of Mood Swings: Does your husband possess this trait? Does he love at one minute, become abusive then apologize at the next? If yes, please pack your bags and move out immediately.

Possessive and Jealous: Does your husband get angry if you spend your time with family and friends? Does he keep checking on the way you dress and with whom you speak? Is he insecure all the time and accuses you of flirting with other men? This man may try to isolate you from relations and make you a very lonely woman.

Control: He is always in control of everything. He does not allow you to work and you have to always ask him for money or permission for everything you do. He also gets very angry when he sees signs of you being independent.

Scolds and Puts You Down: If he always keeps scolding you and putting you down, making you feel worthless, take action, you are not dumb but a bright and intelligent woman.

Punishes You: An abusive man may punish you if you do not oblige to his demands by constantly criticizing you, and forcing you into having sex with him. He may withhold sex for a long time or he may also become emotionally distant.

Puts Down Other Women: An abusive man equates a woman with a toy. It is not just his wife but also every other woman in his life like. His mother, his sister, or his aunts who are treated disrespectfully. He regards women as dumb dolls.

History Of Abuse: If he has been repeatedly hitting you and then apologizing and asking you not to leave, claiming he will change with the help of your love, do not believe him. He will continue to break his promises and make your life very miserable.

Take action if you notice any of these signs in your husband, for your children and your betterment.

2 responses to Signs of an Abusive Husband

  1. please help? I want to leave but I have no money and no job. He doesn’t hit me but he does hit my kids, he hides them behind ‘spankings’. My kids are good, overall they get into normal kid trouble. He is emotionally abusive with me, he has all the signs that I’ve looked into. I’ve managed to hide the fact that I have internet access, this is the only thing I have control over now. please help?

  2. please help me get a plan, my husband is very emotionally abusive to me and my sons,he blames me for his behavior all the time, not until he wants sex does he come around, he will withdraw or work 16 hour shifts jjust to distance himself from me and my sons, he does not realize the damage he is doing, I know I can’t change him, I need a plan out, he controls all the money and hides alot of it, has many accounts and I am sure I am only aware of a few, please help.

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