Is Your Husband Flirting?

Is your husband flirting? Or is he just being friendly with others. Usually if the husband is an extrovert and tends to mingle easily, it might seem that he is flirting. However, this may not be the case always.

Why do you feel this way?
Are you being neglected? The important thing is what is making you feel this way? Is it your insecurity or the way he acts?

Here are tips to analyze if your husband is flirting:

  • A bit of teasing, eye contact, touching, smiling at other women.
  • Speaking for long time on phone, late night calls.
  • Being online in chat rooms most often.
  • Gets confused when you ask certain details.
  • Says he is busy at the workplace.
  • Hangs out more with his co-worker than you.

How to approach a flirting husband head-on?
Flirting might be justified by many as harmless, but it may just be the starting point for an extra-marital affair. You can confront your husband if you suspect he is flirting in the following ways:

Know more about his motives:
Find out the reason behind his actions. Is he trying to draw more attention to himself? Or is he is stressed up in the marital relationship? Finding the facts is very helpful in dealing with the issue.

Communicate your feelings:
If you suspect your husband of flirting, speak with him. Let him know that you are hurt with his behavior. Prepare yourself to listen to his point of view. Communication is vital because anything which is hidden has the power to be a barrier in your relationship.

Do not let his attention wander:
Do not take your relationship for granted. Be your attractive self and find out ways to keep your love going.

Flirting happens when there is something missing in the marriage. Make an attempt to revive the marriage by spending more time together or through marriage counseling. A flirtatious husband can be very painful to his wife. The good news is that it is just the starting point and it can be stopped. A few simple steps to understand and correct your husband can keep your marriage going strong.

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