Why Men Resort To Silence Suddenly

There are times in a relationship when men suddenly go very silent.  They are all very sweet and romantic at one moment and at the next are very reserved and lost in their old world.

Reasons For This Behavior

It is very common for a man to resort to this type of behavior. Men are tuned to focus on only one thing at a time. It may be an issue at office, problem at home or some other issue that is really important.

Even if a woman wants to change it she cant because the biological make up of a man is such that he can focus only one thing.

Men are also created in such a way that unlike a woman, they will not share out what’s going on in their mind.

Signs Of Such Behavior

  • Sudden mood change.
  • Preoccupation with a thought.
  • Too busy to even notice you.
  • Very Silent.
  • May ignore you  most of the times.
  • Doesn’t like to hold conversations.
  • Will talk only if the problem is solved.

How Women Worsen The Situation

Women on the other hand are very distressed with this situation and keep wondering the reason of their partner’s behavior. They mostly blame themselves for it.

The reason women do this is because they believe that a person will not talk to them or ignore them if they have done something wrong.

Women are tuned to “talking out things”. Communication is a key to solve out any kind of problem whereas for a man silence is the method.

Any kind of communication puts them off and forces them to avoid the woman. This in turn makes the woman more inquisitive and wanting to know things.

The more a woman tries to get closer the more the man avoids her.

The best thing a woman can do is avoid the man and stay away from him during this phase. Also, it would be wise if she wouldn’t get angry with her man for his behavior. A woman  tends to feel used up and avoids the man once he is out of this phase, when all the while she would be waiting for his mail or call. Whereas a man doesn’t seem to understand why the woman is ignoring him all of a sudden. He does not realize that his behavior triggered off that action in the woman.

All this pain and grief can be avoided if a woman simply accepts her man happily once he is out of the silent retreat because men are created in such a way that they will not even realize how much their silence affected the woman. It is not their fault.

However, once a man is his normal self a woman can gently explain him the implications of his behavior. Men when told about certain things definitely try to change and be more accommodating.

Communication is important but what’s more important is the timing in which it is done.
Therefore, it is very important that one give each other space in their relationship in order to live a happy and stress free life.

However, be ready and prepared because men resort to this behavior at least twice in a year, it differs actually from couple-couple.

7 responses to Why Men Resort To Silence Suddenly

  1. all what has been said here is exactly what happens in my relationship with my boyfriend.but am worried on the part where you said it happens atleast twice a man goes silent almost thrice or twice a week,it stresses me alot.and the worst thing is that when i talk to him about it,he says am pressuring him.i just broke up with him yesterday through a text and he is still silent.

  2. Hey thanx so much for writing this article.
    I have been going out with this guy for 3 months now,All was going smoooth and all of a sudden he went MAJOR SILENT.I mean,i cried,day in n day out…blaming myself..wondering what i did and stuff.He ignores my calls,i ask my pals to try calling him…he ignores them too .Then wen i was just about to give up on him,he calls n says he was going thru a lot n dat his silence aint about us.

    I took dat in n asked him to at least send me a text to tell me he is fine.That major silence aint healthy for me,i hurt.He said,”okay i will dear!”Just a day after dat,no picking my calls n silent again…I MEAN,WTF!!!!!

    I understand that men are different and all that.
    But they have to learn,you just cannot go from making 10 calls a day to 0…
    It doesnt work like that.It hurts.N mark you, if at all we were to do that.It would be another whole Big issue.I have read this article and i will try do as you say.I will keep my distance.I make a mistake by trying to call him all the time.He needs sapce…imma give him some megga space.


  3. Sometimes, a man is going through so much in his life, he probably doesn’t want to share at first… but give him some time to open up and be there for him when he does. Just because he is silent recently, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. And I agree, all men are different. My husband doesn’t call me/text me at all while he works, and vice-versa for me when I’m working. But when we have a day off together, it just makes it a little more special for us.

  4. It’s been an year my husband went to the “silent phase”..I am still counting the days n months. I am close to losing my patience now and could freak out any day. I want to know if this is common or is there something abnormal about my guy..why do men punish their women like this ? His silence has irked me so much that I no more have any interest in maintaining the relationship. It is difficult to tolerate years of silent phases..I am done..pls help

  5. i have been going thru this for the last like 4 months it has been disturbing me so much i called all quit because i didnt get what was the silence all about i smsed him that he is nt treating me the way am supposed to be treated en told him have quit he is still silent up to now

  6. i have learned much on these page and would like to learn more, the problem of silence has actually become rampant in men and almost every lady will go complaining. giving us more pages on these will at least enlighten us and for sure we will leave a stress stress life. thanks.

  7. A very well written article l ope to not bother him or try to make hin talk during that phase but it kills me

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