Top 7 Things Men Want From Their Wives

Every man wants certain things from his wife. Keep in mind that wants are different than needs. In marriage, basic needs are the need to love and be loved in return, the need to belong, the need for a worthy self-image and the need for a little space and autonomy.
Wants would be additional things people desire. If you not only take care of your partner’s needs but also their wants, this will help make your marriage more beautiful and comfortable.

Here is what men often want:

  • Someone to Believe in His Capabilities – Man, by nature, is a provider and protector; it is a part of their mental make-up. Therefore he seeks a wife who will believe in his capabilities, talents, skills and decisions and support him through thick and thin. No man wants his wife to think of him as a loser and thus incapable of leading the family..
  • Understanding – Sometimes you just have to be a little understanding and not so demanding. Be patient with your husband. You really need to show him you want to understand him. This can be achieved by talking to him and helping him open up to talk to you.
  • Compliments – An occasional pat on the back does wonders for someone who is trying to achieve something. It is very encouraging to tell your husband   he is working hard, or he is a wonderful father, or a caring husband.
  • Acceptance – Love is all about accepting your spouse as they are without wanting to change them. You cannot make a marriage successful when you don’t accept a person’s sense of self or individuality. Making your husband give up a habit is one thing but changing him as a person is impossible.
  • Someone to Understand His Moods -Men talk much less than women. Sometimes your husband may not be in the mood to talk or even listen to you. If you attempt to communicate with him at such a time, he may get even more annoyed or go into his shell. Sometimes men just need to be left alone so they can mentally sort things out.
  • Respect – Respect him and listen to what he wants to say. While it is possible you may not agree with everything he says, there are subtle and polite ways of telling him you don’t agree instead of just rolling your eyes or telling him he is crazy.
  • Romance – Even men like to be romanced. Yes they like flowers and poetry. It would just take a few minutes to let him know that you love him and make him feel special.

Everything in a marriage is always mutual. Taking care of each other’s wants AND needs is all it takes to make a marriage successful.

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  1. I love my husband somuch….am taking cars of my husband somuch nicely….nice understanding is there.

  2. nice this website….nice tips you given

  3. I truly believe in these tips that you have addressed here. They really work, and help me keep my marriage-life beautiful.

  4. What if you give a man your life your body and your soul to him, just to find out after 10 years that the man you love and you feel he love too did not love you. always sleep around with girls, even tell the give every thing about our marriage, that the girl call you to tell you what the man told her, i mean almost every thing about the wife life,in 2 years i have cut him with three deference girls tell me what to do

  5. this is a good advice but some part is missing.
    if you and your partner or husband are really meant to be together? then you don’t have to do anything to please a man. Be yourself and you will find out if its worth to make an effort to the other side. If you think your happy of doing things for him then it will come naturally if thats how you feel for him….

    Don’t fake it, be yourself, that’s what most man wants

  6. look the best thing is to divorce him am sorry especially if u have kids its hard but what do u do, he is cheating not once but may be twice i dont know if he apologised the fist time but even then if he realy loves u he wouldnt cheat on you that is not fair if u are not careful u may end up with a sexually transmitted diease the bible is even against adultry so based on that you can divorce before you die be4 your time call your children no matter how little they are try to seek counsil as to how u will talk to them so that in thier little mind or teenage mind they can understand try not to bad mouth their father to them cos that can affect them in the future u want them to be responsible people. if u belive in prayers, pray and ask God to give u wisdom in every thing u do. Also look into yourself and see if there is any thing u are doing that contributed in him cheating be honest to yourself and do some thing about it we women talk too much it is not what u say it is how u say it men also want to be respected think about this and i wish you God’s mercy and grace.

  7. After much prayer,and tears and worry and short lived reassurance I find my self wondering if I am in a dead end relationship AGAIN!I am 32.Just had a beautiful baby boy a few weeks ago with my current boyfriend.I am divorced and have two young school age daughters from that marriage.I have had only one other boyfriend in my lifetime and have always had along term relationships.I feel like the man I am dating now,though he seems to be alot of what i need in a man he keeps me guessing on how serious he is about the future of our relationship.We have been together on and off for almost 2 years.Our first year together was great for the first 4 months-at least I thought it was.He had insecurities that kept hurting us that I didnt know about until he abruptly broke up with me 4 months in.That shattered me and for the rest of that year I kept finding myself trying to trust him again.I grew to love him right away so that added to the pain.He and I did not see eye to eye on things that built up into break up after break up.He ended it with me 6 times since that first breakup.He and I have seriously hurt each other and broken eachothers trust .For the past 7 months we have been doing alot better.Not perfect-for we are only human ,but no big arguments,and no breakups.Yet…I do not trust him to notleave me at the drop of a dime again,for really any reason thats relivent to him.
    He says hes over everything from the past,but I know him better than that.I think I do anyhow. What it comes down to is I WANT to be married again,to him…if hes NOT going to leave again.I want a life with him,a home,and to raise these children together.When I ask him if just dating for the rest of our lives would be okay with him…he says he wants more…but thats it.He doesn’t go into any detail.I NEED detail.I need to know exactly what to expect…where he sees our relationship going.I’ve been trying so hard to be the best I can be to him.I massage him whenever he wants,pay attention to him,romance him, communicate …blah blah pretty muchgive him whatever he wants.Is that my mistake? He tells me he’s happy,and I am everything he wants in a woman.Is all this in my head? I need to know hes as serious about us as I am.I have done all of the above listed in the 7 things a mna wants from his wife.There is no change.
    I am losing heart.Can someone give me some advice?He also works ALOT! So he and I do NOT get much time together.We get a few hours together a week,and I need more! I feel really alone.It would help if he moved in or was even around more …but that does not look like it is going to change anytime soon.I do NOT want to keep losing out,and wasting year after year with no promise of a more secure and permanent

  8. by spending time together I mean-time that we get to see eachother in ANY setting.We havent had alone time in a while. Every other weekend my girls go to the fathers for the weekend.Yet my boyfriend justhappens to be working those weekends, non he playing me? am I taking it too personal?

  9. Its a nice advice and it works.

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