Why Some Women are Dominant in a Marriage

In some marriages, you may notice the wife is the one in control.  She takes charge of every aspect of the household and the husband seems very quiet and even submissive.  We have been taught to believe the man should be the dominant one in the marriage with the wife being the submissive one.  If the roles are reversed, the husband is the one who usually gets ridiculed.

According to research and various studies, there are many ideas as to why the wife is the dominant one.  One study suggests that the woman faces negativity during childhood for being born female.  While her rights as a female are neglected, anger and resentment builds.  As the female grows up, she is determined not to allow such neglect as an adult.   This is just one study as to why women end up being dominant in a marriage.

Another study suggests that female children are projected as weak and docile. Some girls try to reject this notion by being dominant and showing the world that they are capable of making decisions on their own.

When husbands fail to make decisions for the family, it is the wife who then has to take charge and make all the decisions that involve running a household.

Before you come to a conclusion regarding who the dominant partner is, try to find out the reasoning behind it.  Never ridicule the husband or the wife for being in charge.  There is always an underlying reason for this dominance in a marriage.

3 responses to Why Some Women are Dominant in a Marriage

  1. Is it possible that women should be dominant in a household? Women have historically run all aspects of household and family life, while men have had careers that supported families with income. Now women have careers in addition to running households/families. Why would men be dominant anymore?

    Maybe these dominant women discussed are simply smart enough to realize that if they want things done, they could do them themeselves, rather than waiting for their partner? Perhaps there needn’t be a deep-seeded psychological reason for their dominance/predominance in the relationship. They might just be the more capable of the two.

  2. i would actually love the woman to be dominant… then i dont have to think as much…. she’ll do everything

  3. When my former wife started being dominant, all my intimacy towards her faded because it was like realising I was living with a fellow man. I left her for someone who was more womanly.

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