Marriage between Aries and Gemini

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. We never know who will make us grow weak in the knees and our heart melt like ice in a hot pan. Arians are supposed to be rightly suited for Geminians. This article talks about what the sun signs have in store if an Arian falls for a Geminian or vice versa.

Marriage between Aries and Gemini

Marriages will work quite well between the two if they keep in mind the following:

For the Arians to think about:

  • A Gemini will be exalted one moment and depressed the next, so the Arian must develop a good sense of patience and justice.
  • A Gemini is known to be constantly multitasking, so keep this in mind.
  • Even serious issues like finances or health have to be dealt with in a casual manner as Geminians don’t want to take anything too seriously.

For the Geminians to think about:

  • An Arian may bore you with a routine life. You are a fun-loving person, so beware of what is coming.
  • The Arian will have been attracted to you because of your charming looks and personality; however, they may try dominating you, which will bring out the latent rebel inside you.

You will have small fights every now and then. If neither of you takes the initiative to shut down the argument, then the relationship will suffer.

Love is the solution to all your problems, just like in all other successful marriages.

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