The Aries and Taurus Marriage

Marriage compatibility between a Taurus and Arian is a whirlwind of a relationship. An Arian is a fun-loving, outgoing and very energetic person. A Taurian, on the other hand, is a very logical and calm person. Logic and impulsiveness do not go hand in hand.  An Arian and a Taurian will drive each other nuts with their differences.

A Taurian is a family-oriented person who likes to focus on one thing at a time; whereas, an Arian is caught up with many things, juggling time between career, family, friends and community. This multitasking attitude may send the single-minded Taurian over the edge.

A Taurian tends to place sex above all things, giving it utmost importance. Sexual activity is considered a time of fun and relaxation. An Arian, on the other hand, finds sex exciting only if it is new and innovative.

A Taurian may also be very possessive of an Arian. The Arian’s outgoing nature may threaten a Taurian’s security; and this fear may cause the Taurian to impose restraints on the Arian.  Too many restrictions may cause an Arian to flee from a Taurian.

There will be a difference of opinions regarding everything. It requires a great deal of compromise on the part of both of these people to stay together for very long.

If people with these sun signs are willing to work on mellowing their egos and learning to understand each other, life will be much simpler. However, marriage between the sun signs of Taurus and Aries should only be entertained after counseling about how these differences are likely to impact their future together.

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