Why Men Nag

It is a very common assumption that women nag. What is unknown to many is that men also nag, and their nagging is as bad as any woman’s. In fact, a man’s nagging can drive his wife and children millions of miles away from him. Unlike a woman whose nagging irritates the family members, a man’s nagging terrorizes the entire family and leaves them in fear.

Why Do Men Nag?

1. Men resort to nagging when they find their family members not listening to what they want to say.  By nagging, their thoughts get heard.

2. Men also resort to nagging when worried about serious stressors at home or in the work place. Constant stress may cause a man to become irritable and rude to his family members.

3. Some men believe that nagging is the best way to instill discipline in their wives and children.

4. Sometimes men resort to nagging when they have low self-esteem. By constantly shouting and keeping family members in fear, they get a boost in their confidence levels; and this method of terrorizing soothes their wounded ego.

5. Nagging is also used as a form of emotional blackmail in order to influence family members to do things out of guilt rather than affection.

Is your husband a nag?  Changing the way he thinks can reduce your husband’s nagging behavior. The above points may help you know why he resorts to nagging and may help you deal with him in a more patient and understanding way.

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  1. Very well written. Yes, I do agree with you. Men nag to overcome their anxious feelings and low self-esteem. Easy way to get their work done!

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