Why Some People Refuse to Get Married

Marriage is a beautiful bond between a man and a woman. However, many refuse to get married. They state that marriage is just not suitable for them. There are many reasons why they have developed this way of thinking. Instead of looking at them in a shocked and surprised way, let’s explore what may have caused them to feel this way.

Some of the reasons people develop a reluctance to marry are as follows:

1.  Past. Some had been in favor of getting married at one time. However, a negative experience, a broken heart, or a failure in love changed that desire into a fear of marriage.

2.  Parents. Some may have decided not to marry after living through their parents’ turbulent relationship. As a child, they saw their parents always in conflict with each other and have decided to avoid conflict by not getting married.

3.  Homosexuality. Some refuse to get married because society would not accept homosexual marriages. Certain cultures ostracize and exert great pressure on persons engaged in such relationships, although some now reluctantly allow same-sex marriage. Other individuals do not get married because they fear they may ruin someone else’s life. For example, a gay man in a very conservative society might refuse to marry a woman as he wouldn’t want to ruin her life.

4.  Religious Vocations. Certain individuals dedicate their entire life to God, the Almighty, and may consider the Almighty as their spouse.

Whatever the reason, it is always advisable to not force an individual to get married. Marriage is a choice that each individual should make for himself/herself. A forced marriage will turn out to be a failure, and the lives of two individuals are ruined forever.

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