How to Win Over an Angry Wife

Okay. You have done something really off-the-wall to annoy and tick off your wife. She is really angry and is not talking to you. She has also stopped doing your laundry and cooking. You really are miserable and definitely want to make up to your wife, but you do not know what to do. Well, here are some tips on what you can do to win back your wife’s approval.

1.  Apologize. Now, this may require that you bend that ego of yours a bit and go tell your wife “I’m sorry, I was wrong.” It works better when you tell her verbally, face to face. But if she is so angry that she refuses to see your face, mail her an “I’m sorry” card.

2.  Promise Not to Repeat the Same Behavior Again. Promise your wife that you wouldn’t repeat the same behavior again. Then DO NOT repeat the behavior.

3.  Give Her a Gift. Buy her some flowers or the latest designer dress that she has been hinting at to tell her you are serious and that you love her.

4.  Take Her Out for Dinner. Take her out for dinner and tell her how much she means to you and what your world would be like without her presence.

5.  Help Her Out with Chores. If she has been complaining about the household chores and how she has to do them alone, help her with the housework. If you are like the majority of couples today, you both work.  The traditional role of a wife at home taking care of the house and kids while the husband heads off to slay the “dragons” at work is long gone. When your wife joined you in the work world to help you slay the dragons, then her responsibilities at home changed to shared responsibilities as well. She no longer has all day to do those things; instead, they become her second job (and third, if you have kids) that starts when she gets home. Do you really feel justified to just put your feet up in your recliner chair with the TV remote in one hand and your favorite drink in the other while you watch her work?  Maybe you can imagine how you would feel if those roles were reversed!

6.  Spend Time with Her. If she is complaining that you are not spending any time with her, make it a point to come home from work early one day and spend some quality time with her.

7.  Go Out For A Picnic. Go out of your way to make her day special and tell her that you are sorry about what happened and are ready to mend your ways.

Be genuine in what you say and do. A woman can read emotions easily, and if she believes you are faking, she will be even more upset with you.  Put your wife in a place of esteem, like she was when you first married her, and you will win her heart again.

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  1. That’s all well and good but it all assumes she is a rational human being and is angry over something that actually matters and can be forgiven. Now if she is so angry at you how the hell can you get her to go on a picnic or out for dinner and the gifts and flowers only cover the problem it wont get you off the hook it only dulls the point of the hook till the next stupid thing upsets her then its just worse cause women never really forgive or forget apologies don’t work, doing chores is just an admission of guilt,and you cant promise to not do something if 1 you don’t know what you did ( which is usually the case) or if what you did wasn’t anything bad or “wrong” who wroth this article a woman?

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