What to Do When You are Very Angry with Your Spouse

It is a natural tendency to say something hurtful or that we will regret later if we speak when we’re angry or irritated with our spouse. It is very important that we be careful about what we say or do when we’re upset because, when everything’s said and done, words and actions cannot be taken back.

Here are some tips on what you should do when very angry with your spouse.

1.  Do not speak. When angry, many people have a tendency to spit out whatever comes to mind. Therefore, it is important that we learn to remain quiet rather than speak the unthinkable.

2.  Do Not Complain About Your Spouse. Do not complain about your wife/husband to your friends or your parents, etc. When you calm down, you may forget what you said, but your friends or parents may not forget what you said and may continue to have a negative impression about your spouse.

3.  Calmly State Your Thoughts. Sometimes when we are irritated, we may deliberately not speak to our spouse. This silence, in most cases, irritates your spouse more and provokes him/her to say things that will further instigate you to lose your cool. Therefore, in order to prevent escalating an already difficult situation, you should very calmly state to your spouse that you would like to speak about the matter later because you are not in the right frame of mind.

4.  Do Discuss The Matter Later. If you have told your spouse that you would be discussing the matter later, do discuss it, and come to a conclusion. Keep your word.

These techniques, if used, will ensure a long, loving marriage with excellent communication skills.

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  1. my father in law drinks a bottle of wine and sits ban talks to his daghter/my wife he drinks a bottle of wine sometimes he gets thats drunkness were he is right on all matters, i get stressed out, i told my wife an her respoinse was deal with it. his woife die serveral years ago we have him over once a week for dinner most times i have to leave the table. i am angry at her because i want it to stop and she thinks nits okay, as of now we had a big fight over this iy is affecting our marriage. what do i do?

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