Successful Wives and Submissive Husbands

This article tries to understand how a couple can strike a balance between the male ego and the female’s success in a world of women’s liberation. What does it take for a successful woman to handle their insecure, probably jealous, submissive husband?

Successful Wives and Submissive Husbands

It is a changing time for men all around the globe. Men in this generation are compelled to be radically different from their predecessors. It is because the changing times have blurred the clear demarcation that once existed between the roles of men and women in our society.

Men are now in search of a new identity and are struggling with age old concept of ego, superiority of the fairer sex, and financial dependence on them. They are trying to be adaptable to their new role of settling in the back seat at times with grace and maturity. They are forced to change their take on family head and self-respect. This struggle exists because of the prevalence of gender equality in society.

The concept of ego is inherent with a male’s identity. Are all males ready to give up or change their perception about it easily? Isn’t it a possibility that the males become submissive husbands of their more successful wives?

History is filled with atrocities carried out by men against women in all known cultures just to feed their male egos. As the tides are changing, is it the time to return the favor or settle the score? Is it the time for aggressive wives and submissive husbands? It cannot be and should not be so for a simple reason: Men are not WOMEN and WOMEN are not Men.

Though women are enjoying higher status and power in today’s world, it is her basic feminine traits which make her special. To ensure a successful marriage, they need to understand the significance of the male ego and treat issues related to it with sensitivity and empathy.

Men need to be more positive and stop being insecure in front of their successful wives. Instead, they should prove their worth by continuing to be their wives’ knights in shining armor.

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