How to Live with an Introvert Partner

Introverts are misunderstood in relationships due to their lack of expression. This article tries to understand how to co-exist with an introvert partner.


Some Reasons Why Introverts Lack Expression

  • They are in a trance
  • They are preoccupied
  • They are involved in intellectual pursuits
  • They have a hesitancy with socializing
  • They find meaning and challenges within them and in the solitude of life
  • It is not eccentric, but a matter of choice, or preference to lead life in such a way
  • They are moody people. They express at will and not by compulsion

So What to Do?

Accept them: The first thing to happily co-exist with such a partner is to appreciate his/her personality and do not try to change them according to your own likes and dislikes. These two points just stated are very similar, but different. In the former, we respect the existence of our partner, and in the latter we restrain ourselves from futile expectations. A gesture like this earns their attention and gratitude.

Delve deep: As life partners, we should try to understand the reasons behind their general reticence. It could be seeking solace in intellectual pursuits, or it could be a deep grief unshared. In the former case, we should realize that such people are special. They are instrumental in bringing change in the lives of many people by their works, and leaving them alone occasionally is imperative. In the later case, we come close to serving the purpose of a married partner. We free our spouse from the burdens of their past.

We should make them realize the significance of interactions with people on health and sense of security socially. Spending more time with them and frequent outings can initiate a change in them.

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