How to Deal with the Absent Mindedness in Your Husband

Absent minded people are often considered a bit eccentric. The usual trance surrounding them can be annoying to many. But what if our life partner ends up being an absent minded individual? This article tries to explain how to deal with absent mindedness in husbands.


Accept the fact and be indifferent: A spouse should embrace the persona of their partner including their vices. The job of a loving wife is to address the issue of absent mindedness in her husband and plan a solution. She should not show any signs of frustration or sulking in front of her husband. While the absent minded people may not respond to such rude treatment, they will remember them.

Give him time: The first step is to make the husband initially feel comfortable in his wife’s presence. He then needs to be convinced his absent mindedness is a vice and needs attention. Ignoring the fallouts of this problem can damage the image of his persona in public. When he realizes there is adequate support from his wife, the signs of change will be apparent.

Is there a different problem to be addressed: On a serious note, a wife should find out whether the absent mindedness is the inner nature of her husband or if he is facing any crises he is not sharing with her. Men, by nature, remain aloof in the moments of crisis. They cannot find mental peace until the issue is fixed. During this phase of contemplation, the displayed behavior is close to being absent minded. So, it is in your best interest to clarify whether your husband is or is not facing any crisis.

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