Are You Married to a Workaholic Husband?

Living and coping with a husband who is a workaholic can be very challenging. There are two types of workaholics, one who does only what is needed and the other would work 24 hours a day if he could. Living with a man who is either type can be difficult, but with a few tips you can work on how to cope with these types of men.

Tips for living with a workaholic

  • Keep in mind that a workaholic loves it when he is working.  If he is not working, it can be difficult living with him. Don’t nag him for working so much and not spending time with you and the family.  Try not to get frustrated with him for working so many hours.  It is always better to have his income than not.
  • Do not be jealous of his professional life. Be thankful he is working and not out with another woman. Remember he loves his job and the work he does. If you are lonely and bored, try a career of your own, a hobby or spend more time with your family.  This will keep your mind occupied with what you are doing instead of the hours he is working.
  • You should be thankful and remember he is a hard working man and not like those who don’t want to work at all.  You need to appreciate the fact that he is paying the bills and he is making sure his family will not have to worry about finances.

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  1. Hello..while I agree that there could be worse “addictions”, or behaviors to complain about, I am finding my life with my workaholic husband almost unbearable..I have been married to him for 23 yeArs…I basically raised my older children on my own…as he was emotionally and physically unavailable….but I carried on, because like you stated, a workaholic is better than a womanizer…..I get it….BUT, we now have a 10 year old son with severe autism….he is still working 7 days a week…my son is extremely tiring…he requires constant supervision…he cannot speak, toilet himself, or be taken out in public without some difficult behaviors arising….my husband knows all this…he sees how difficult it is when he gets home at night…my son also does not sleep through the when he gets up, I must be up, as he cannot be unsupervised…he does not watch tv, play on the computer, or look at books….he just wanders the house….so, I am completely frazzled…I have no support other than the fee minutes a day when my older kids come from school before they leave for work…my husband has his own business…he can arrange a schedule so that he can be home 1 day a wek so that we can take my son somewhere together….every week he says he will…then su day comes, and I become excited that we will spend the day together…then he says, “I’ll be right back”….and 7 hours later he comes…..its unfair and I’m sick of it….I work as well…5 days a wek at his business to help so he doesn’t have to hire anyone and pay them…..I love my husband and I don’t expect him to be home 2 days a week, but one day a week is good and healthy for all involved…I always ask nicely, and sometimes I don’t ask at all..because when I do, he punishes me by staying out longer…..i don’t nag him….I’m so passive…..what can I do?

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