Interracial Marriage – Pros and Cons of Interracial Marriage

Interracial marriages are still a growing concern in society. Over time, the number of interracial marriages has grown. After all these years, interracial marriage is still considered taboo within some religions and cultures, yet at the same time, it is entirely common in other cultures. Whatever the situation, interracial marriage has both pros and cons, some of the more common ones being:

Cons of interracial marriage:

  • Your partner and you may face problems of racism.
  • It will take some time for both you and your partner to get to know each other’s differences in culture.
  • It will take some time to communicate well with each other’s family.
  • Visiting the in-laws just got a whole lot more expensive if they do not live in the same country as you.

Pros of interracial marriage

  • Each partner gets the opportunity to learn and experience another culture and observe different racial aspects which others are deprived of – this includes some great cooking!
  • Interracial marriages provide an opportunity to know another culture and learn how similar most races and cultures really are.
  • Many times a person from an interracial marriage finds it easier to get adjusted with his or her in-laws, compared to his or her family, race or culture.
  • Children born out interracial marriages tend to be healthier due to an increase in genetic diversity.

Everything in life has pros and cons and interracial marriage is no different. Life is short and it can be difficult to find happiness, so if you have found happiness in a different race go for it. Listen to your heart, focus on the pros and do not let the cons confuse you.

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  1. I’m 15, and my bf is black and I am asian. We get along so well, and the people around us don’t seem to mind that we’re an interracial couple. I just wish that adults could see what teens sometimes see; that just because we’re not black and black or asian and asian, or even man and man, we’re fallen for each other and we’re happy with each other. No one should deny anyone the chance to love.

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