Problems of Mixed Marriages

Marriage is a compromise for the life time. There are several factors that determine a successful marriage. When it comes to a mixed marriage, where there is a difference of race, religion or nationality, it becomes more difficult to handle a married life successfully. These marriages not only face common married issues, but also other additional problems. Couples may only see love, while entering into a mixed marriage, but later with growing time they tend to face all the problems of a mixed marriage.

History of Mixed Marriages

Mixed marriages have been there for long. People traveled different places, fail in love with local girls and end up marrying them. Usually mixed marriages are marriages of two races or mixed religions. These marriages have always faced a strong resistance fom either party’s family members or friends. In USA mixed marriages or interracial marriages were illegal in some of the states till 1967.

Types of Mixed Marriages

The term ‘Mixed Marriage’ in USA is associated with interracial marriages and inter-religion marriages. However, it can be also associated with marriages between different nationalities.

Problems of Mixed Marriages
A person in a mixed marriage, has to face several problems like resistance from relatives, family members, society and freinds. It also witness differences in one’s expectations and ideas in the relationship. Some times the family may disown the couple. Usually it has been noticed, that fathers tend to disown their daughters for entering into a mixed marriage. Sometime the society may not be ready to accept the couple and be harsh to them. Many times, the friends may have similar issues like family members and end up in breaking the friendship.

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