How to Not be Jealous of your Husband’s Ex-Wife

Ladies, it is very common to feel a bit jealous if your husband seems to still have feelings for his ex-wife. So be cool and do not allow thinking about it to control you. Comparing how well your husband may have treated his ex-wife to his present relationship with you can sabotage your relationship with your husband. If you lean toward jealousy, it can be very difficult to overcome. But you can follow certain tips that will keep you from being jealous.

Four Tips to Keep you from Getting Jealous of your Husband’s Ex-Wife

  • Remember that he is all yours. He comes home to you every night. He sleeps with you. He takes you out shopping. And, most importantly, he loves you. So don’t think so much about his ex-wife. When you start to, remember that you are his current wife.
  • Empathize with your husband’s ex-wife. Try to understand her. For her, it will be difficult to overcome her divorce. Understanding her will make you an even better person.
  • If you really want your married life to be happy and work, you need to trust your husband. There is no point in trying to hold on to a relationship which has no trust. Let your husband be the way he is. Don’t try to change him. You have no reason to get jealous about his ex-wife if he is no longer thinking about her.
  • Do not blame his children for anything if you are a stepmother. Their lives have been turned upside down. They didn’t harm you, so please do not blame the children for anything. If you find your husband taking his kids’ side, don’t feel bad. He is doing everything he can to make them comfortable with you. Since you are the new person in their family, it will take a lot of time for the children to adjust to you.  Be patient. Just try to love them and support them.

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