Useful Tips for Newly Married Couples

For newly married couples, it is essential to keep the romance alive in their relationship. After marriage, as we settle into the routine of life, many discoveries and adjustments take place. Sometimes, you may even catch yourself asking, “Who is this person?” These discoveries add humor as well as frustration to the collage you are weaving together.  Whether you accept and adjust to these discoveries will determine the final texture of your marriage collage.

Marriage is the beginning of new life. For newly married couples, it is not always a bed of roses. You will have to go through many compromises along with your spouse. However, if you both handle these experiences correctly, you will also know what it feels like to experience unconditional love from your spouse.

Seven Tips for Newly Married Couples

  • Getting married at an early age can add some challenges to your relationship due to lingering immaturity and selfishness coupled with a lack of understanding the responsibilities of running a household and raising children.  If you are under the age of 25, you are probably going to experience some degree of immaturity and selfishness in how you relate to your spouse.  Remember, there is no “I” in team.  You are now a team and must make your decisions based on what is best for everyone in the household, not any one person.
  • Getting married to someone who comes from a different background can also bring issues to be dealt with. The difference includes caste, religion and culture. These differences can create a void between you if you do not follow each other’s rituals and moral values. In order to solve this problem, you each need to make the time and effort to learn about both cultures. This requires a lot of time and patience. Once you both have a full understanding of both cultures, you can choose whether you are going to try to maintain both cultures or choose one for your family to go by.  Culture adds color to our backgrounds, and no one should tell you which is “right.”  You should learn everything you can about both worlds and then agree on the right path for your family.
  • One of the most common problems that arises in newly married couples is who has the authority in the house. This leads to many conflicts between the couple. One has to remember that marriage is not a battleground. Both partners should understand and adjust with each other. Cooperating with each other can keep your relationship on the right track.
  • Another problem that arises is when both members of the newly married couple are over ambitious. They both want to fulfill their ambition without understanding each other’s feelings. One has to respect each other’s feelings and emotions. Celebrate each other’s successes rather than developing an inferiority complex.
  • In married life, sex is an integral part, and you should enjoy this fact with your partner right from your honeymoon days. Keep in mind each other’s preferences. If there is any sexual incapability, one should resolve it with peace and not by violating the privacy.
  • Young married couples should spend quality time with each other. You need to reserve some time for your partner after your professional life. Treat your partner to a candlelight dinner or date in a frequent manner. Show unconditional love and emotions to your partner.
  • Money issues are also responsible for many newly married couples. If you feel uncomfortable with your spouse’s expenditures, you should always discuss it with him/her. Plan a monthly budget without losing your tempers. Don’t forget to save for the future.

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