Why Married Men Cheat on their Wives

There is a no definite answer as to why married men cheat.  It is evident from the history of mankind that men have cheated on their wives.  The act of cheating is known as infidelity and one reason they cheat is that they feel more appreciated and loved with other women.  Take note that infidelity is not only committed by men, but also by women.

Signs of a Cheating Spouse:

  • Married men feel they are no longer loved by their wives and do not find any affection from them but find it very difficult to leave or get a divorce, so they end up cheating on their wives.  They turn to these other women to find love and affection.
  • Some wives lose their sexual drive after a long, married life.   Sex is very important in sustaining a relationship and if men feel sexually neglected they will fulfill their desires by going to other women.
  • After marriage, a lot of women don’t take time to keep their appearance up and they also lose their sensuality.  This leads men to not be sexually attracted towards their wives so they turn to women they find more sexually attractive.
  • When a wife cheats on her husband, he wants to take revenge on his wife because he is angry.  Instead of confronting his wife, he will try to relieve this anger by cheating.
  • When men go to another woman, he feels adventure and thrill especially if he thinks his wife doesn’t know.  This feeling stimulates a man and encourages him.   Even if they are married, they are not able to control themselves.
  • If a man feels they are not receiving enough love or sex from their partner, they tend to cheat on their wives.
  • If they are aware that they won’t get caught, they will enjoy cheating even more.
  • Cheating gives them an ego boost when other women find them attractive.  When at home, this ego boost diminishes if they feel neglected.
  • If a man finds his wife always nagging and arguing, it makes the husband want to leave and find a woman that doesn’t do these things.  He tries to escape from his commitment to his wife and get into a relationship that requires no commitments.
  • Many wives will forgive their husbands, hoping they will come back to them.  Infidelity becomes a habit that makes the husband want to continue cheating until their wives confront them.

Once a woman understands that a man’s emotional needs differ from their own, they will realize the reason behind the infidelity.  Wives need to know their husband’s sexual needs then fulfill them this will prevent the husband from cheating.

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  1. Don’t kid yourselves ladies, it’s not about EGO,, it’s about happiness.
    I have been married for 6 years now and do all the right things.
    I massage all the time, cook, clean, work (and I make good money), take her on a trip every year, bought her a new truck and a new house, i am a damn good dad, I have never cheated (not even a kiss), and I love my wife.
    Men only cheat because of 3 reasons.
    1. Men get stuck in a boring, dead or abusive relationship due to the unfairness of divorce.
    2. You won’t do what we want in the bedroom.
    3. You change, it’s all fun, getting along and sex in the beginning, but now,,, you have us and think you don’t have to worry about keeping us.
    Think again, anyone can be replaced in 1 hour.
    Men don’t want to cheat, it’s too much effort and makes us feel like crap so stop making us.

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