Signs of a Controlling Husband

There are many women all over the world who are in an abusive relationship.  Living with a controlling husband can be suffocating as well as very dangerous.  Everything you do will be scrutinized by him.  The life of a woman turns to hell while living with this type of man and will also make your personal life uncomfortable.  There are several ways to recognize the signs of a controlling husband.

Signs of a Controlling Husband:

Overly Possessive:  If your husband is overly possessive, he will not allow you to talk to your family or friends, he won’t allow you to go out with anyone but himself and he will question everything you do.  There is a huge difference between caring and being overly caring.

Argumentative:   If your husband fights with you almost every day, there is a problem within your relationship.  When there is an argument every time you have different opinions and it seems your husband has to win each confrontation this is a strong sign that he is very argumentative.

Jealous:  When your husband finds you talking with your friends or even a male family member, he will become jealous.  He may even cause a scene when he finds you talking with your friends or another male.

Low-Self Esteem:  All abusive and controlling husbands are found to have low self esteem. They fear that they will lose their wives and this is one reason they will control their wives.

Make all decisions:  You will find that your husband makes each and every decision.  He decides what you wear, where you go, what you eat and how you should behave.  Your husband is more likely to act more like a father rather than your friend, husband and a lover.

Frequent Mood Changes:  A controlling husband will change their moods frequently.  You will find your spouse loving one moment and angry the next.

Physical Abuse: 
 A controlling husband can beat you, slap you and can also force you to have sex, or even rape you.

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