Signs of Domestic Abuse

Every couple argues occasionally and every couple goes through difficult times.  Domestic abuse is different from the occasional argument.  If your partner is shouting, threatening, breaking things, slapping you or any other violent act towards you, this is abuse.  Recognizing the early signs of domestic abuse will help you stop it before it kills you.  This article focuses on the signs of domestic abuse.

Feeling of Panic:  If you find yourself panicking and scared all the time, this is the most common form of abuse.  The victim is being abused if they are being threatened verbally, physically and/or emotionally.  Your personal belongings may also be destroyed by the abusive partner.  The victim will become very nervous and paranoid and is constantly looking over their shoulder.

Constant Criticism:  This is one of the most common signs of domestic abuse.  The abuser will always find something to criticize.  It may be the way you cook, the way you dress even the way you clean.  The victim will check things they have done over and over again so they won’t get criticized.

Low Self Esteem:  Victims of domestic abuse have very low self esteem.  They feel as if everything they do is wrong.  The victims of abuse have no ambition to do anything.  The abuser always tries to make the victim feel like they are a loser.

Stress:  The victim shows symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.  People who experience domestic abuse will have panic attacks, have problems coping with routine work, feel isolated and the personality of the victim changes dramatically.

These signs will help to determine if you are in a domestic abusive relationship.  Instead of tolerating the abuse and staying quiet, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get out of this relationship as soon as possible.

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