Causes of Infidelity

Infidelity is caused by several reasons.  But here are nine causes for infidelity between married couples.

  1. Spousal Neglect:
    No one likes to be neglected, especially by your spouse.  If your spouse does not show interest in what you do and takes you for granted, this can be considered a sign of spousal neglect.  If you identify spousal neglect in the initial stages and take action right then, you may be able to save your marriage from ending in infidelity.
  1. Lack of communication:
    Minor situations become more intense without communication.  When your relationship lacks communication, it is very difficult to express your feelings.  The chances of your spouse cheating on you are very high without efficient communication.
  2. Controlling:
    Controlling your spouse is one of the major causes of infidelity.  If your spouse is trying to pick up your calls, checking your emails and doing things like running errands for you, then they are trying to know everyone you are communicating with and they want to know everything you do.
  3. The Five A’s:
    One of the most important things about successful relationships are the five A’s which are:   Acceptance, Appreciate, Affection, Attention and Allow.  If there is a lack of any of these five A’s in your marriage, there are more chances of your spouse cheating on you.
  4. Lack of support and encouragement:
    When there is no support from your spouse it then becomes difficult for you to reach your goals.  If you think that you lack support in your marriage, then find out what went wrong and why your spouse does not support you.  As a partner your spouse should encourage you not only in family issues but also your ambitions and goals.
  5. Lack of love:
    If you think that your spouse is not showing love and affection towards you as they once did, you are lacking of love.  Attempt to ask your spouse why they are not showing they love you.  If you get the answer, then you may be able to save your marriage from infidelity.
  6. Maintaining sexual intimacy:
    Another cause of infidelity is when you and your spouse are not able to maintain sexual intimacy.
  7. Abuse:
    None of us likes disrespect and abuse.  Abuse is generally varied, that is, it might be physical, sexual, emotional and or verbal abuse.  This is another important cause of infidelity.
  8. Lack of trust:
    Most successful relationships are this way because the couples trust each other.  Without trust, you might say the marriage is over.

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