How to Get Your “Commitment Phobic Guy” to Marry You

A “commitment phobic man” will always try to escape long-term commitments. These men even have trouble sticking with one job for any length of time, let alone promising to love, cherish and honor someone… until death do they part. It is important to remember that just because your guy does not want to get married (at this time) does not mean that he does not love you. There is a reason that your guy has trouble making long-term commitments and more than likely it has nothing to do with you or his love for you. In all likelihood, your boyfriend is probably afraid of getting too attached to you and losing his freedom. I know this probably sounds silly to you, because you know you have no intention of placing him in chains the moment you say “I do,” but to him it probably feels that way. The best thing you can do is validate his feelings, be patient and put your best face forward. So how am I ever going to get him to propose to me? Well today if your lucky day- this article gives you some fantastic tips on how to get your “commitment phobic guy” to pop the question.

  • Make Yourself a Priority

Human beings tend to desire things that are not available to them. Try giving your boyfriend space. Do not question him or ask him where is going or when he will be back. Occupy yourself with things that you like to do. If you run after your guy, he will start to see you as desperate, which isn’t so appealing to a “commitment phobic man.”


In addition, the more time you spend apart, the more your boyfriend will miss you. Join a dance class, going on vacation with a girlfriend, join a gym, going out to dinner, shopping and/or a movie with friends and/or take on extra shifts at work. Your guywill start to notice that you are no longer accessible to him 24 hours a day. Once you start making yourself a priority, your “commitment phobic man” willstart chasing you. Taking the focus off of your man and placing it back on you may be all that is needed to get him to place that ring on your finger.


  • Take “Baby Steps”

I know you are anxious to get that commitment from your man, but the worst thing you can do to a “commitment phobic man” is to rush him. Remember that it may take time before he is ready to make a lifelong commitment such as marriage. Be patient and take “baby steps” with your man. Bring your guy around your happily married friends so that he can see just how good marriage can be with the right person or invite him to weddings so that he can start admiring the institution of marriage. More so, if the fear is deep rooted, seek professional help. It could be that his fear of commitment is due to a clinical phobia. If this is the case, a psychologist may be able to eradicate your boyfriend’s phobia using a variety of therapeutic techniques and/or methods such as hypnosis.


Do not pressure or drag your boyfriend to see a psychologistbecause this will only push him further away from you and that marriage proposal you want so badly; instead ask your man if he is willing to seek help for his phobia. If the answer is “yes” then schedule a consultation with a psychologist.  If the answer is “no,” respect his decision and look for other ways to help him eliminate his phobia.


  • Express Your Love

Express your love for your boyfriend. Tell your commitment phobic guy that you love him unconditionally.  Cook for your man, surprise him with small tokens of love and be there for him during his happy moments and during hard times. Showing your commitment phobic guy just how much you love, ill only give him the assurance that you will never leave him, it will also prove to your boyfriend that he can always trust him. The chances that your boyfriend will propose will greatly increase if he knows just how much you love him.


  • Pretend

Make your boyfriend believe that you have other suitors. This may or may not be true, but if your “commitment phobic man” believes that you have other people vying for your attention, he may decide that you are not with losing and “pop the question.” This is a gamble because may not turn out like you expected. Your guy may weigh his options and decide to let you go “so that you can be with someone who can give you what you want and need.” It is important that you think about this tip thoroughly before trying it on your “commitment phobic man.” If you decide to follow through with this tip, be prepared for any response. If you man reacts negatively towards the idea of other men – do not push it; instead remind your man how much you love him and lucky you are that he is in your life. Surprise him with a small token of love such as a massage or his favorite meal and try another tip.

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