Six Signs of a Jealous Spouse

In a marriage, a spouse can be victimized by a jealous and possessive partner. Both men and women can become jealous of their spouse. Below are six signs of a jealous spouse.

  • When you go out alone, your spouse calls you frequently. This shows that your spouse is trying to keep track of you, and it is a very controlling behavior.
  • Your spouse is jealous if he or she finds it hard to accept that you have friends and colleagues of the opposite sex. Your jealous partner always feels uncomfortable when you are talking to or hanging out with your friends and colleagues. You may be subjected to interrogations about friends of the opposite sex.
  • A jealous spouse will be uncomfortable when you talk about a celebrity of the opposite sex.
  • Your spouse may be jealous if you are not allowed to leave the house without him or her. Your spouse may not be in favor of you going out alone or with your friends.
  • A jealous spouse will get angry if you are around attractive people. Your spouse will feel insecure about your attraction and might accuse you of staring at others while you are out.
  • Your spouse may act jealous of your family members when they come to visit or get irritated when you talk to your family on the phone.

The above signs indicate that you have a jealous spouse. See the article about How to Deal with Jealousy in a Relationship for further advice.

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