How to Deal with Jealousy in a Relationship

Jealousy stems from fear and insecurity. Sometimes it is also about control, as a jealous spouse wants to control his or her partner. Jealousy can lead to significant problems in a relationship. Below are tips to deal with jealousy in your relationship.

Talk to your spouse about the problem. Ask what behaviors bother your spouse and why your spouse feels this way. Additionally, ask how you can help your spouse overcome their feelings of jealousy. Explain that you are not trying to provoke jealousy in your spouse. Remember, communication is the key to solving problems.

Stay cool
Your spouse’s jealousy may cause him or her to do things which anger you, but try to deal with the situation calmly. Shouting and arguing can make the situation worse.

Build trust
Put yourself in your jealous partner’s shoes. If you also do not like what you feel, maybe you should change your behavior. Act in a way that will put your partner at ease and avoid behaviors that trigger jealousy in your partner. By showing that you care, you will build trust between the two of you. A trusting relationship is less prone to jealousy.

Get professional help
The situation maybe beyond your means to handle as a couple; see a marriage counselor or therapist for help. The therapist will help the jealous spouse deal with his or her emotions and will help you to cope with your spouse’s feelings.

Now that you know how to deal with jealousy in a relationship, use this information wisely to live happily with your spouse and make your marriage last a lifetime.

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