Are Married People Truly Happy?

Marriage is considered to be sacred and many marry for emotional and security reasons. Even if marriages breakdown at times people continue to marry. Doubts may arise whether you can make a success of it or not, but that does not prevent you from taking the vows.

The success of a marriage much depends upon how the respective partners adjusting with eachother. Mutual respect for eachother’s sentiments and feelings are very important, and unless and until one understands the other, it is difficult for true adjustments.

Many a time, one raises certain questions about married life- Are the couples truly happy with eachother? Can they live together in peace and harmony? Here, it is difficult to judge, as one cannot assess a relationship on its own merits.

How does one know they are happy?

If both are interested in what the other person is doing, then they can continue to be happy with eachother. They should spend more time in each other’s company.

Carrying out combined activities shows that they are happy. Even after years of marriages they should be interested in the same hobbies that they were interested earlier. The same enthusiam, the same eagerness to be together. Romance should continue to be in the air!

Showing concern for the other. Allowing the other person to have his or way first. Not being overbearing. Providing adequate space to the other person to indulge in one’s interests and activities.Same tastes, same likes and dislikes.

Showering gifts as token of love, having a meal at a cosy restuarant, enjoying an evening at the movies all indicate what married love is all about. The relationship does not wither with time, but it matures.

How does one know the relationship has gone sour?

Frequent bickerings, being disinterested in eachother’s well-being, not being courteous to eachother in speech and manners,showing the cold-shoulder, these indicate that the partners lack affection and love for eachother. They dislike being in eachother’s company.

If both are not involved in the same activities and seek company elsewhere, this obviously means there is nothing common in their taste. anymore. One of the spouse may keep away, as he or she does not find anything interesting in the relationship.

Infidelity is also another way out for a frustrated spouse. He or she builds outside relationship and gets emotionally involved with another person.

Changes in behavior patterns. The disinterested spouse may not shower any affection on the other person and may act and behave rudely.

A successful marriage is what one wants, but at times things may not work out, and the partners have to go separate ways. Attempts are made to stay together, but the realtionship ceases to be there. But yet, people like to marry!