Are You Marriage Phobic?

Marriage phobia is the reason to cause endless distress to countless people around the globe. Unfortunately, this phobia is becoming common these days and giving people sleepless nights and foodless days. Are you marriage phobic? Here are the ways to make you get rid of the phobia.

How to know are you marriage phobic?

A marriage phobic is the one who is suffering from irrational fears from marriage. These people get gun shy with the topic of marriage. They have a countless reasons to feel this way. Generally, for both men and women the reason of being marriage phobic can be the very idea that their life may change drastically after marriage. It can be intensely daunting for them. They may also have some real examples of marriages gone bad that causes fear in them.

A marriage phobic undergoes a great deal of problems in life. It may cast bad affect on their health, career, education and overall family life. If they live on like this for long, it may shatter their confidence, self esteem, ending up living a life in just a shadow of the problem.

The typical common symptoms to know are you marriage phobic can be – rapid or shortness of breath, sweating, irregular heartbeat, nausea and other dreadful feelings. Everyone faces marriage phobia in their own manner. Different people have different symptoms. You may have many other problems known with the name-Gamophobia and Fear of Marriage. The person can also have panic attacks.

The effects of marriage phobia is serious, it may separate people from their loved ones and fellow workers. For the people, who have a career and earn a living, the financial loss of this phobia is inestimable.

Causes of Marriage Phobia

Quite much like the other phobias and fears, the marriage phobia is also made by an unconscious mind. One of the most possible reason can be a real life past incident that linked marriage and emotional problems in your life. It may also be the through movies or Television or seeing your friend experiencing the trauma.

The negative feelings in your mind become powerful and your unconscious mind begins to think: “Oh, the whole marriage episode is very dangerous. How can I prevent myself from getting stuck in this situation?” this is the way through which marriage phobia is born. Being excessively emotional with such situations is the most primary ways in which most people behave.

The real marriage phobia reveals itself in several different ways. While, some sufferers experience it all the time, there are also others who respond to direct stimulus. Everybody follows their own unique formula and reason for being marriage phobic. You can decide about, are you marriage phobic, considering the above stated symptoms.