Arranged Marriage Customs and Traditions

The ideal marriage by the angle of the western world is when people choose their marriage partner at their own. But in many other parts of the world, this way of marriage is not followed. The other alternative is arranged marriages that happen in many countries and cultures in the world. There are some particular arranged marriage customs and traditions with which these marriages proceed.

Marriage√ā¬†Customs and Marriage Traditions

Arranged marriages are quite much like the ‘real’ marriages. When seen from the global perspective, a maximum number of marriages in the human history may suit to the reasonable definition of arrangement. The statistics even show that there is an unusual small number for the arranged marriages to end up in divorce.

One of the most important arranged marriage customs and traditions is the bond formed between the two families other than the love and relationship between the married individuals. The family thinks that they are the right people to decide about the spouse for their son or daughter.

In the countries or cultures where the arranged marriage customs and traditions prevail, the children are prepared mentally for such marriages from the early age. They are told that they will marry the suitable match selected for them by the family.

As the girl or boy attains a suitable marriage age, the parents begin to look for a right companion. They make their child’s bio-data with all relevant information given there about them. It includes, their name, age, address, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc and a recent photograph.

As people respond to this match, scrutinizing starts as per the arranged marriage customs and traditions. The parents or possibly the male member goes through the proposals and the photographs of the match. He selects the right match, going by the education, financial background, social status and caste compatibility of the match.

The family has to approve the match. In most of the cases, the choice of the girl or boy to be married is not considered. This is to say, that if they do not approve of the match, but the rest of the family does, their will is not taken into account. Moreover, they are even abused and punished for it.

Once, the selection of a suitable spouse is settled, the two families, one of the girl and other of the boy sit together to discuss the marriage issue. They commit compromises to make the relation suitable for all. The family friends and relatives are then gradually informed about the match, after things are fixed and will go ahead. The meetings are also organized then.

In the meeting, the girl or boy meet and see each other. In most of the cases, it does not matter whether they like each other or not or prefer to marry each other or not, the marriage decision is taken already by the family. The girl or boy is under huge pressure from the family and community that they do not dare to refuse the relationship.

Seriously speaking, millions of people marry with arrangement for many reasons, such as-financial surety, desire for husband/wife/children, parental or societal pressure and even lack of alternatives to choose potential partners.