Caring for Each Other

Marriage means having to care for each other. This can be a real challenge because before marriage one needs to take care of just himself or herself but with marriage the focus of responsibilities and priorities shift towards your spouse, children, finances and other household affairs.

Caring for each other in a marriage means caring for each others needs, demands, and desires. This however is possible when one has the willingness to fulfill all the demands and fancies of their loved one.

The strength of a marriage or relationship lies in the individual’s capacity to connect and relate to the needs of the spouse. Therefore nurturing a marriage means strengthening the bond shared by the couple.

Tips for strengthening your marriage:

Marital studies which explored the varied genres or realms of marriage were able to identify with a number of tips that can help in keeping a marriage strong. Suggested tips from the study include the following:

  • Studies show that on an average couples seek marital help when they have already spent six months together fighting and quarreling over big and petty issues. Experts suggest that one should be able to identify and mend relations as early as possible to attain marital bliss.
  • Research also proved that couples who stayed away from mentioning about sensitive and touchy topics were happier than others. This indicates the need to ignore certain issues which can be used as weapons to subdue or overpower a spouse in states of fury and rage.
  • Have healthy arguments but always start on a softer note. Also avoid starting with critical or disdainful comments on the other.
  • Accept some level of influence and listen to what your spouse has to say and do things exactly his or her way because it helps in strengthening a marriage.
  • Set high standards for each other. Studies reveal that newly weds who do not expect hurtful behavior from their better half and those who have a lower level of tolerance in the initial years of marriage are happier in their latter years of marriage.
  • Do not sound nasty and revengeful when engrossed in a fight. Take the initiative to repair and soothe the bruises you may have caused.
  • Studies also revealed that happier couples felt very positive about each other and about sharing their lives together. So learn to look at the brighter side of your relationship to yield a stronger marriage.

Other tips to for a happier marriage:

Marriage is all about giving so much to your spouse that you still feel totally complete within yourself. Some other tips that can help you enliven your marriage life include the following:

  • Do not lose yourself in your partner but retain your own identity and independence.
  • Practice anger management and use it only in a constructive way.
  • You have the right to disagree but do it on fair grounds.
  • Appreciate and recognize the qualities and efforts of your spouse.

Experts claim that while women need to be heard, cherished and cared for on the one hand men need to practice the art of listening and prioritizing their relationship with their wives on the other. In other words men need to take their wives more seriously, maybe as serious as their business suggests an expert where if your wife walk outs of the door consider yourself of having lost out on a million dollar client.