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How to be a Good Husband to your Pregnant Wife

A wife needs support from her husband when she is pregnant. Being a husband and father of an unborn baby, it becomes your responsibility to […]

What Women Want From Their Husbands

Like men, women also want respect and admiration from men. But the deepest desire of a woman is to be loved by her man. Women […]

Top 7 Things Men Want From Their Wives

Every man wants certain things from his wife. Keep in mind that wants are different than needs. In marriage, basic needs are the need to […]

How to Deal With an Insecure Spouse

Marriage takes us through many ups and downs; however, this roller coaster becomes worse if one spouse is insecure about the relationship. Constant nagging, attention-seeking […]

How to Clear Misunderstandings in a Marriage

Have you and your spouse stopped talking for some period of time because it is “just not worth the fight”? You talked about it before […]

Communicating with Your Spouse

Marriage is a very intimate relationship between two human beings. Sadly, the closer we get to our spouses, the more we take them for granted. […]

Why Women Don’t Like It When Husbands Watch Porn

Many husbands notice their wives losing their temper every time they watch any kind of porn. There is an instant gratification for some men when […]

How to Cope with Being Childless

Being childless by choice or due to a physical problem is a situation some couples may face. You want a baby, but due to physical […]