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Why Men Nag

It is a very common assumption that women nag. What is unknown to many is that men also nag, and their nagging is as bad […]

How to Clear Misunderstandings in a Marriage

Have you and your spouse stopped talking for some period of time because it is “just not worth the fight”? You talked about it before […]

Why Women Don’t Like It When Husbands Watch Porn

Many husbands notice their wives losing their temper every time they watch any kind of porn. There is an instant gratification for some men when […]

Why Men Resort To Silence Suddenly

There are times in a relationship when men suddenly go very silent.  They are all very sweet and romantic at one moment and at the […]

Is Your Husband Flirting?

Is your husband flirting? Or is he just being friendly with others. Usually if the husband is an extrovert and tends to mingle easily, it […]

Signs of an Abusive Husband

Here are some tips which will help you clarify if your husband is abusive or not. These points are especially meant for those women who […]

How to Deal With a Dominating/Controlling Husband

Dealing with a Controlling and Dominating Husband is a very painful issue. Being controlled for every small detail is a big nuisance. Submitting to the […]

How to Cope with Being Childless

Being childless by choice or due to a physical problem is a situation some couples may face. You want a baby, but due to physical […]

How to Deal with a Husband Addicted to Television

Does your husband spend hours sitting in front of a television screen without showing any sign that he intends to fulfill his household duties? When […]