Challenges of Intercaste Marriage

Intercaste marriages are often crippled with unique challenges that are actually associated with maintaining barriers. Experts claim that it is a natural tendency of people to create barriers in their minds and also around them.

The question is always about security, preservation and protection. Society is nurtured in such a way so as to enclose mankind within particular boundaries, limits and observations, and right from when a baby is born he or she is directed towards a particular way of living and abiding by certain societal norms. So there are certain things which are intrinsic to our childhood and that which is very difficult to part with.

Challenges of intercaste marriages:

Intercaste marriages face big hurdles in the light of their decision to defy all and maybe the basic norms of society. Here are a few problems distinct to an intercaste marriage:

  • Problems in adapting to a new environment, culture and rituals.
  • Inability to convince parents and in laws.
  • In many societies intercaste marriages are considered a religious offence where couples suffer death threats from their own family members.
  • The ongoing discord between the families can lead to a mutual disharmony and misunderstanding between couples.

Outcomes of an intercaste marriage:

With the onset of technology and development, modern day society is molding people in a way to accept intercaste marriages. For couples living in an open minded society as this, comfort and acceptance in the lives of their near and dear ones can be achieved.

However for those young hearts who are still battling to stay together are the ones who live in remote and far flung areas where growth, education and development prospects have not yet reached their soil. Mal practices in these areas encourage a casteist and racial approach to society which contributes to high divorce and forceful marriage rates.

The disturbing effects of intercaste marriages are a concern for most modern governments today. For example, the Indian government is actually coming up with an approach to provide financial support to couples who are marrying into lower castes. This rising concern for the fears and obstacles that intercaste marriages face is an affirmative step towards shaping a new world of freedom.

Some people believe that intercaste marriages are successful and healthy. However, the success of any relationship lies in the ability to maintain an independent thought and be appreciated for it and vice versa. So it is immaterial to say that caste defines the fate of a relationship.

Education, it should not be forgotten widens the territory of the mind and thoughts. Therefore intercaste, religion or racial marriages are possible only with a change in mindsets. We say that the world has developed so much but progress is still a distant light at the end of the tunnel which can be reached only with the acceptance of intercaste marriages.