Different Forms of Love in a Marriage

Frank Sinatra once sung, “Love and marriage, / Love and marriage / Go together like a horse and carriage”. Love is indeed the most essential component that good and happy marriages need to have stability. Real love is a spiritual aspect. There are different forms of love in a marriage. Different people have different styles to love their spouse.

Expression of love in marriage

After marriage, love does not remain just a word; it has to be converted into action. This is to say that instead of telling your wife “I love you”, show her in the right manner that you actually love her. You need to be more loving. What is the way for a man to show his wife that he really loves her? Off course, by expressing it! Different forms of love in a marriage need expression

Once married, you do not need the box of chocolates or flowers for expressing love. These things can be bought easily in market. But the love that you have for your wife is not available anywhere. The chocolates and flower are petty things that live off in one or two days. A man need to show love to his wife by performing things that he knows his wife will enjoy and remember her whole lifetime.

Love beyond self

Among different forms of love in a marriage, the selfless love holds prime importance. Love beyond your self is important to make your marriage alive. You should love your spouse and think about them beyond yourself. If you will think only about yourself only, it will be difficult for you to love your spouse sincerely. It is not the scenario of real love. The selfish people face a hard time to give and think of others, and this is what love is. Love is in fact more intense than just a feeling. It is an action and thus real love calls for sincerity and effort.

A Husband’s Love For His Wife

You need to treat love right in your marriage. If you will forget love, your marriage will also start to wither away slowly. Ask yourself-what was the last time when you and your wife dined together? When did you go for an outdoor vacation together? If not, your marriage needs a dose of love and romance.

Another most important form of love is to accept and validate. If you are the one who brushes off his wife’s desires, choices and needs, it can cause serious trouble in your marriage. Your wife may feel rejected, as if her desires, decisions, opinions, hold no importance. It may enter her consciousness and may come back haunting to rip off the happiness of marriage. Love her, don’t hurt her.

A Wife’s Love For Her Husband

It is believed that it is easy for woman to keep a man happy. Ti is mainly because they don’t have any special needs A man can be happier and less tensed when his two most important needs are met-sex and food. There is no doubt in the fact that the way to a man’ heart is through his stomach and a little below it! You should find ways to be more caring in these areas and give off yourself in marriage.