Divorce and Children

Divorce is a crisis time not only for the separating couples but also for their children. Divorce and children are inseparable. It is when the whole family goes crazy and feels unsure of things. The children too have no other choice than to struggle and feel sad, angry, hopeless, lonely and weak.

One of the most unfortunate outcomes is the drastic effects of divorce on children. After their parents get divorced, life changes for them completely. It does not matter how you see the divorce and how you feel about it. It is an unfortunate situation for parents and children alike.

Children live in the shelter of their family and with the help of their adults. One of the prime concern of parents is to know what effects divorce may have on their children. Exposure to incessant parental clash and detrimental family environment can have a grave effect on them.

The effects of divorce on children

It is obvious that, children view divorce as a traumatic situation. As they love their parents, they want them to live together. They are even concerned about their own security and always look for answers like — what if both of them leave me? What is may fault? Am I the reason of divorce? What will my friends say? What do I do?

With the inception of divorce, the children may have varied reactions. They may become extremely sad, go in depression and also suffer from sleeplessness. They become anxious and feel abandoned and rejected. Divorce can make them feel lonely due to the continuous absence of their parents.

There are many uncontrollable ill effects of divorce on children. The financial support needed for the child is to be borne by a single parent alone. It may also affect children directly. The step families also add to the complication as it is not certain how the children will get along with their new step parent.

Tips for Parents

You must be aware of the required skills sets that will help you cope with your children who maybe very different from your own. Childhood is a time for them to grow and learn new things and is certainly not a time to get tensed and unhappy. It is the duty of parents to create a healthy environment for the child.

  • Give your child some time to cope up with new life without their own parents. They need more time to adjust to the changes that has come about due to the divorce.
  • Tell them directly that they are not the reason for divorce. Children generally develop such guilt feelings.
  • Divorce does not reduce your parental responsibility. Even if you do not own the custody of your children, you should meet them and take care of them.
  • Do not force your children to take sides or never include them in your clashes.