Divorce Schemes

Divorce schemes are dirty games when your end of marriage goes in the hands of lawyers. Both you and your partner need divorce and the lawyers suggest divorce schemes so that you benefit more and more from your partner. Here is how the business of divorce schemes work.

The game of dirty divorce schemes

With the divorce schemes the lawyers make all attempts to play power games to have an indecent and unfair advantage on the other side (that is, your to-be-divorced spouse). It applies perfectly on the angry and vindictive soon to become ex-marriage partners. They have a win at all terms approach. If you also experience the same thing in your divorce, you can follow some steps to control the other side.

The most important thing that you need to do is recognize the scheme as you notice it. Remember that you must not lose your calm. Dealing fire with a fire can make situation worse and your whole family may suffer as a result. Always think optimistic and take positive steps to counteract the dirty game of your spouse.

There are many schemes that may be made to make for and arrange the divorce. When your lawyer tells you to do all these schemes, the objective is to make an unfair advantage (can we say, rob!) your would-be ex-spouse. And, when you indulge in such acts, better don’t be surprised when the same actions are done to you to trouble you after divorce. Read on some mostly followed divorce schemes here.

  • Get all the money out of the joint bank accounts and transfer all the money in your account that only you own. Do not tell your spouse about it in advance. Let your partner handle all the problems related with the checks going bounced.
  • Take the credit cards for which your spouse is primary cardholder and buy personal items or large items with them. It is very effective at the start or the end of your divorce. Your spouse will then become stuck with the bills as he beforehand agreed to become responsible for his or her credit card debt.
  • When you do not live in the family home and act as the primary source of income in your family, do not send any financial support or pay any household bill, till the court forces you to do so. It is a routine step in the schemes of divorce. The main objective here is to put your spouse in such poor financial situation where he or she, out of desperation, may accept an unjust arrangement.
  • Go for the primary custody of your children in the court when you in fact are ready to go for a joint custody or the arrangement of visitation. Your main purpose behind such request will be to create fear in the heart of your spouse. You can also make your spouse to give up on something else in this way.