Domestic Violence in marriage

Domestic violence in marriage is a grave problem in married life. It may start off just as playful teasing or small conflicts and then it may grow up as the most horrible torment not only for the couple but for the whole family. If you feel yourself caught up in domestic violence in marriage or have such threat, read on here to know the help and aid available for you.

Domestic violence can happen anywhere. It may take place in the privacy of home or in the public places, open for all. At home, there is hardly any help available and even in public, people see, feel sorry and just go on.

The reason behind domestic violence in marriage going widespread against women is beyond any logic. Only because men are said to be stronger sex, does not get them license to ill-treat the weaker sex and adhere to violent means.

We cannot say that it is just limited to poor or to the people of third world countries. Domestic violence is quite much common in the developed world also.

Defining domestic violence in marriage

Domestic violence includes a diverse range of situations. It is particularly when one person harms the other person in some manner. This is the person with whom they are married legally. It can be one person physically hitting another. It may include the following-

  • Physical conduct, including slapping, shoving, punching, pulling hair etc
  • Forced sexual acts, such as undesired fondling or intercourse or sexual jokes or insults
  • Threats to hit or harm or through a weapon
  • Psychological abuse, such as attacking person’s self-esteem, attempting to curb another person’s behavior, recurred interrogation or insults
  • Haunting, such as following the person, coming over person’s house or office, calling repeatedly or passing written messages, and/or
  • Cyber-stalking, including repeated online activity, sending email that causes significant emotional suffering

In a typical domestic violence case, several sorts of abuse take place at the same time. For all these above actions to be considered as domestic violence in marriage, the victim and the culprit have to be in the relationship of marriage legally.

How to deal with domestic violence in marriage

The victim of a violent marriage must follow the following options available, immediately. She may:-

  • Make attempt to stop violence but stay with the culprit of the domestic violence
  • Leave her home temporarily
  • Leave her home for good. She may go to Women’s Aid Refuges. They are safe houses made specifically for the women suffering from domestic violence
  • Stay in the home and make the culprit to leave
  • Take strong legal action
  • Take legal advice for long term solutions
  • Get private rented accommodation
  • Stay with friends or relatives who ensure safe stay