Foundation of Marriage

What is the secret of making a marriage go longer in this fast world of transition? There are many things that are important to make your marriage relationship strong. The solid foundation of marriage is one of them. We need to see what makes the foundation of marriage.

As each building has to have a foundation to make it stand, the marriage also needs a foundation. To lay the reliable foundation, there goes a significant time and hard work. If there is no foundation of marriage, the family will crack and crumble like the house of cards.

First step to foundation

The first day of marriage is the wedding day. This day is important not only for being the wedding day but also for the fact that it is the first day of what is hoped to be a long and happy marriage relationship. You need to set the foundation of marriage right on the first day itself. It is mainly because that everything that involves your marriage ceremony is magnified on the wedding day. Each word said and each action taken goes overboard.

You need to be careful about not saying or doing thing anything on this special day that may make things bad in near future. This is what ensures a good beginning and a strong foundation of marriage.

The quality traits decided by God

A healthy and successful marriage relies on love, trust, honesty, respect and dedication for each other. These are the quality traits that act as the foundation of marriage. In fact, these are the undisputable and constant truths that are also referred in the bible. God has contrived marriage as unbreakable. The indisputable truths of God are not debatable.

God wishes us to lend support to marriage pledge with the foundation of indisputable truths. One should honor and respect one’s spouse for what they are, with all their good and bad. You need to be spiritually rich to have such thinking.

Commitment and dedication to your partner is given great importance by God. If the man and wife are committed to each other in marriage, their stress would be to look for reasons to be with each other and not to leave each other.

Love and sex

Love has all the right traits for being the foundation of marriage. But sex is for sure an unstable foundation in the relationship. It is not at all planned to be so. Love teaches you to be patient, kind and away from envy. Love does not demand but always gives. It is the kind of strength that should act as the foundation of relationship. Treat love with importance in marriage, while sex should function as a tool to increase intimacy between you too.

Make sure that you are getting married with the right and stable foundation of marriage for a long and happy relationship.