Gender and Status

Gender and status are one of the major marriage problems. These are the issues related to which most of the time problems occur between the couples. They belong to our deep psyche and we need to deal with them to ensure happy marriage. Here is how gender and status affect marriage relationship and how we can deal with them.

Accept gender differences

Marriage is a lifetime union between two different genders, man and woman. Man is considered to be strong in society while woman is said to be a week gender. These differences at times come in way of marriage and people face problems in their relationship.

If you will have steady attention on the weaknesses of your relationship, it can weaken it even more. The main point important to make your marriage happy is to that you need to learn how to go positively with gender differences. You have to accept them rather contend with them.

As a girl and boy enter marriage and become husband and wife, they may not see great differences to deal out with. Indeed, love is blind, but life itself has its own limitations.

In marriage, a man and woman give themselves to one other. They come from two totally different family backgrounds. It is well said that opposites attract and it means that the couple may feel more differences. However, it is excellent for single people to look for a highly compatible mate, but you may not find any one with absolutely no differences.

Reflect on your and your marriage partner’s background. Men and women think differently and many couples do not comprehend this fact at first. But gradually, they do find it out.

There is a great deal of research done turning out to these differences. There are a few marriage counselors who believe that women are more instinctive while men pay more focus on the depth of an issue. The marriage relationship can be seriously weak when couples fail to understand that the thinking way of men and women is different inevitably.

God has made the two genders in the mankind. He has made us in this way and we may take advantage of our differences. The coming together of two distinct individuals makes one unified and happy couple.

Effect of status in marriage

Many researches are done till day that links up status backgrounds of the couple and the problems they receive in marriage. Marriages are affected by the hierarchical arrangements of the large society.

Mainly for the people who consider the status advancement as most important, see difference in status as something troublesome in marriage. If such people marry the mates of low status, they develop a sense of loss leading to the breaks in reciprocating, expression, affection and intimacy in marriage.

In order to lead a happy married life, we must learn to celebrate our differences whether they are from gender or from status. You may then be able to appreciate your married life even more.