How to catch a cheating spouse

Suspicion is always there in a marriage relationship and misunderstandings and differences may arise between partners, leading to infidelity at times. A cheating spouse is the most difficult person to get hold of.Not easy to catch the theif. Action is taken based upon the truth and hard facts that he or she has been cheating.

How does one catch the cheater?

Not easy. One needs to be careful in ensuring that one is being cheated upon. To ensure this certain checkups have to be done:

  • Checkup his movements. If there is any change there, his or her returning at odd hours, or rather late hours, going off on a weekend on a business trip, a bit too frequetly. Such happenings can arouse suspicion, and need to be checked out.
  • Check phone calls, emails and the use of the mobile. Calls at late hours in the night can be odd and mobile messages that are being sent a bit too frequently to one person could some factors that could establish that the spouse is cheating. Received calls also should be checked out and if the same person is ringing up too frequenlty, then one should checkout who that person is and why the person is ringing up so frequently.
  • Employ a detective. This is an expensive affair, but many resort to it to ensure that they know all the facts in the case and are able to take proper court action if required.
  • Observe his or her feelings. There maybe be changes in moods. The concerned person may be too happy and singing songs, or may be irritable with you. These tendencies generally imply that the person may be involved with another person.
  • Dressing up modes. If the person is dressing up rather well inorder to attract a person , rather than be his or her usual self, then this calls up for a checkup as to who he or she is meeting. Special rendezvous with someone is also an alarm signal.
  • Friends also need to be checked out. If he or she is meeting a friend a bit too often, it is better to checkout the reason for such meetings. A close friend can sometimes help the cheater to overcome his guilt feelings.
  • Apetite is also a good indicator of how the person is feeling. A good apetitie or a bad one can mean chaning moods. Also changes in likes and dislikes of food dishes can also mean that the spouse is liking someone else’s food habits.
  • Sexuual apetite also is a good inidicator. If there are changes in the sexual patterns, then it could imply that the spouse is meeting his needs elsewhere.
  • Family members also can help out in finding out the truth. An outsider can be a better judge of the situation.
  • If the spouse is cheating at home, then pretend to go off for the weekend. Stay at a nearby hotel and watch his or her movements.

It is obvious there are umpteen number of ways to catch a cheater. But one should be very sure of the facts before one confronts the person. Many resort to divorce proceedings after finding out the truth- it all depends upon the intensity of the relationship and affair.