How To Deal With A Jealous Husband?

To be single and happy is great, to be married and still being happy is bliss. Marriage is the most vital episode in one’s life, as it brings with it the gift of love. However, love, sometimes can be dangerous if your husband turns out to be an “Othello.” The Shakespearean play “Othello” is not new to any reader here. Othello tells us how jealousy can sometimes be incurable and turn deadly as well.

Love or Jealousy?
Jealousy has sometimes been justified in terms of love, but there exists a sharp distinction between protectiveness and jealousy. You might tend to feel good if your husband is protective about you. It might as well give you a sense of being secure. Nevertheless watch out, when this “protectiveness” begins to take on the color of dominance, because in that case, you might be facing a jealous husband.

For people, who have already realized this problem in their lives, it’s time you should start working on it, instead of waiting for your husband to do what Othello had done, because he might as well end up doing that.

Seed of Jealousy
The seed of jealousy is an insecure feeling, which has to be killed. The first step therefore, should be to find out its reason. Insecurity may arise from different reasons. Sometimes its might be just the beauty that you might be possessing which drives him mad, when you smile at other people. At other times, it may his own disturbed past or previous love relationships that have left a deep impression on his mind. The roots of jealousy might also be in his very nature. Either this or that, you are in trouble and this needs to be solved to bring back love into your life.

Talk It Out
With the assumption that you have already tried talking to him, I would still suggest you to do it once more, for his sake. It’s an incurable disease which left untreated would grow like cancer. So, when he is in a good mood, try to make him talk about his insecurities regarding you. Try and understand his argument, instead of presenting counter arguments as its might worsen the case. Do not laugh or make fun of his insecurities as it will only further lead to concretizing his whimsical thoughts. Try building his confidence in him by expressing your love to him both inside and outside the house, with or without company.

Look at Yourself
Look at your own actions. It does not mean that you are at fault. It simply means that some of your actions might be the root of his jealousy which you might think to be perfectly normal.

Stage of Marriage
The stage of marriage at which you are also matters. If you are at an initial stage then both of you need to grow up and know each other properly. Develop trust, before anything else. However, if you are at a later stage and this has become a perennial problem, you need to think seriously. If needed, go to a marriage counselor.

It’s your life, and nobody should have the right to ruin it, not even your husband! However, just put in your best efforts before you quit, because you do love your husband, right?