How To Deal With A Lazy Husband?

How To Deal With A Lazy Husband? :

Do you like everything to be spick and span in your house, but your husband isn’t helping you? Is your husband one of those who just love to sit and watch the television until their food is served in front of them? Well, then your husband falls under the category of “lazy husbands” who have to be actually yelled at to do any work. Though they are tough to manage we here are going to provide you with some simple, yet handy tips to get them to do their share of work.

Pessimistic/ Optimistic Attitude

Your husband’s attitude matters a lot when he takes up a certain task in his hands. If he has a negative attitude towards life then even before he starts to work on a certain job he would be sure of its failure. Such an attitude not only stops him from proceeding further, but also becomes the root cause of his laziness.

Nevertheless, there are a few other husbands who do have a positive attitude towards life but will simply wait for things to happen in their own way, instead of going ahead and doing something about it.

Making them “Work”

  • Making “lazy husbands” work is difficult but it can be fun too. Just get ready and try out these simple tips.
  • Stop spoon-feeding him. Wives who want everything “spotless” become the most irritable ones. Your husband’s notion of setting things right or cleaning might be different from yours, hence don’t just start doing it in your own way, when he does not do it properly. This might make him deliberately commit the same mistakes again. Tell him what needs to be done and leave the rest to him. He will learn, for sure.
  • Appreciation for whatever amount of work he does will spur him the next time you give him any task. Cook him his favorite dinner, and tell him that he has done his job well.
  • Talk to him when he is in a good mood. Tell him that you need his help around the house and that it is his duty to help you with the work because he is also responsible for the family.
  • Do not yell at him. Believe me, it does not help. Yelling at them will only push them away further and make them more stubborn since they know that after this scene it will be you, who will start doing the work. Leave his things alone. He will gradually learn to do his own things, when he sees that no one does it for him. If you set things right for him, he will never change because he knows that you will surely complete whatever task he leaves undone.
  • Relax with him when he does so. Slowly but surely he will get up and initiate the work. Try this especially before dinner. His hunger will force him to go to the kitchen. When you love him, you may not want to see him hungry. This is bit difficult but remember if you do not want to slog for the whole day and want your partner to help you, you might want to give it a try.
  • Patience is the mantra. Have patience with him, but be firm at the same time. This will pursue him to do the assigned work.

Try out these simple things and you can actually see him working!