How To Deal With An Abusive Husband?

Voicing the abuse is the most difficult step, yet the most important one that must be taken to protect yourself from abuse. An abusive husband is hard to manage but certainly not impossible. An alcoholic abusive husband is even worse because they are not in their right senses and tend to do things which they cannot otherwise possibly do. If you are facing abuses from your husband then try to break the silence. You have a life of your own. Allow no one to destroy it, not even your husband.

Types of Abuse
Sometimes one does not even realize that she might be a victim of abuse from her husband, because only physical abuse is recognized in terms of “abuse”. Abuse can be of two types. They are physical abuse and emotional or mental abuse. Physical abuse is one where the husband actually hits you. Mental or emotional abuse is one where the husband uses abusive words or creates depressing or intolerable situations, which becomes painful to bear and usually results in depression.

This might happen when there is an issue to solve or do something about. In such cases forcing one’s opinion on the other shall also account for emotional abuse.

Tackling the problem
As I have already said, dealing with an abusive husband might be difficult, but not altogether impossible. We, here make an attempt to help you solve your problem. Given below are some suggestions which you might consider useful in tackling your problem.

  • Boost your confidence in yourself. Your husband’s verbal abuses might make you think that you are a useless woman, but do not ever believe what he says. He might be suffering from an insecurity complex and trying to satisfy his grudges by abusing you.
  • Go see a doctor, if you have begun to toss and turn in your bed without getting any sleep. Check if you have already become a depression patient. If yes, then help yourself by taking medicines as well as moral boosters from the doctor. If no, then prevent yourself from becoming one.
  • Keep yourself busy for as much time as you can. Work, if you are not doing it already. Do some meditation and exercise. This will help you relax.
  • Look at your own actions. Avoid things which provoke him. This is not to say that you are at fault. This is just to say that you can avoid unpleasant situations from occurring frequently.
  • Counseling, though the last resort, really helps. Go for counseling if things are no longer in your hand.
  • Lastly, be bold and walk out of your marriage, if you can no longer tolerate your husband who has become a brute. You will not loose anything except painful moments.