How To Deal With An Alcoholic Husband?

Trying to understand the reason that makes him drink will help you understand his problem better. Let’s look at a few of the possible reasons.

Why does he drink?

Very often a person might start to drink when he is not able to solve the problems, rather not ready to solve them. At other times it might have been just for fun. Yet sometimes it might have been a habit that he has picked up from his parents. The very fact that he has become a drunkard shows that he has lost his control over his actions. The drunkard has become addicted to alcohol, which is nothing but a disease.

Addicted to alcohol

If your husband is addicted to alcohol then he is suffering from a disease as chronic as cancer, which can become fatal at times. Yes, it is a disease, but do not panic. This disease can also be treated just like any another, but not without your help.

Do not cover his drinking habit, as it will contribute to his habit. Instead face the reality and make him realize it too, if he does not honestly do that. Being an enabler you will be indirectly helping him drink.

You might be having a sensitive husband who though realizes his problem, is not able to overcome it. He can overcome it only if he has your support. A wife is the closest companion whose love and patience can do the magic.

Be patient with him. Do not nag, criticize or comment him as this does not help at all. Instead try talking to him when he is not drunk. Remind him of his promises to end drinking just as he sits down to drink. Try to distract him from drinking during his drinking hours.

Remind him that he is actually driving away his family by his drinking habit. Tell him that if he needs them, he should try to leave the drinking habit and not his family.

Convince him to go to a counselor. Tell him that he must do it to regain his own self-esteem. See a psychiatrist if needed, because the doctor knows better.

If you have children, it becomes all the more necessary that your husband should stop drinking. Having a drunkard at home, might adversely affect the psyche of the children. Try and make him understand that he has to do it for his children if he is not willing o do it for himself.

If your efforts and his determination are sincere then he will surely succeed in overcoming his drinking habits. However, the fact that should be kept in mind is that he should never be allowed to touch drinks again or you will have to begin again from where you had started.

I am sure you can bring him back on the right track. Nevertheless, if your husband is not ready to make a move towards ending this habit, it is better to leave him alone and move ahead with your own life.