How To Deal With An Annoying Husband?

If your husband cultivates annoying habits, then it is very natural for you to get irritated with him. However, do not allow the irritation to win over your love for him. This article goes on to discuss the issue and help you get out of it.

Before trying to make your husband stop his irritating habit, try and understand why he does it. If his way of talking puts you off, then observe if he does it only with you or with everyone. Then go ahead and talk to him about it.

Sit and think about the habits in your husband that irritates you. Divide them into “manageable” and “not-so-manageable” categories. Issues which are not-so-manageable can be dealt with first. Issues which are manageable can be talked about and simply dismissed at times.

How to do it:
Observe the habits clearly and see what leads him to repeat those habits. Has he developed them since childhood or lately? Think about the why his habit irritates you so much. Is it because you have seen this habit earlier in people whom you detest? Then mind you do not take out the anger of that person on your husband. If the case is not so, then do the following.

Do not nag him. Nagging fans the flames of anger in him. It will not make him understand your point. Therefore, talk to him about it, and tell him that his habit irritates you.

If he is one of those who always flaunt their own qualities which they may not actually possess, then do not argue with them. Argument will take you nowhere because such husbands are always good at verbal argument. Instead go ahead and do the work yourself. When you do it better than him, it will automatically stop him from irritating you further.

Do not make his annoying habits such as uncleanliness public. Avoid insulting him in front of his friends. This will not make him stop his habit but will only bitter your relationship.

With habits that are manageable, try and see if you can just adjust with them. Leave aside things which left undone, do not disturb you much. For example, if he does not keep things in order on his study table, then do not bother too much. He will arrange it himself when he finds it inconvenient to work on it.

Remember you should try to discourage your husband’s “habits” and not discourage him to love you by creating bitter moments. Build his self-esteem instead of crushing it.