How to Deal With Jobless Husband?

A husband not having a job will be a totally frustrated person and will be difficult to handle. If the other spouse is also a working person, then it is all the more difficult. One needs a job to sustain oneself financially, run a family and hold one’s head high in the society. A peson without a job can feel demoralised, inferior and feel humiliated.

What unemployment means?

An unemployed person has no income to run his household. He ceases to be the breadwinner. He has to search afresh for another job and that is time consuming. It is a traumatic experience as most people depend upon job for sustenance. Having to sit at home is not easy. He would find it difficult to keep himself fruitfully occupied. If his wife is also an earning member, then he feels even worse. A man is man after all, as the saying goes. He would always like to have the upper hand in financial matters.

Socially also he faces problems . He has to maintain his social prestige. His peer group may or may not accept him as a member as his income levels gets affected. His attitide may change and he may not also be sociable as before. He might turn out to be rude and offensive to the likings of others.

On the home front he may be rude to his wife and children. Not appreciate the little things of life. He will not follow his daily routine. In extreme cases, it may lead to depression also, and professional help may be required.

How should the wife cope up with it?

  • She should assist him to plan out the search for another job.
  • Control the unemployment stress.
  • Should reassure the husband. Treat it as a temporary phase.
  • Make it a family issue. Take the children into confidence. Explain to them about the situation.
  • Spend some time on yourself and be with friends. It keeps the mind fresh.
  • If a wage earner, do not show off.
  • Do not act as the sole bread earner, as no sooner the husband gets another job he will start earning.
  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Communication between husband and wife should remain smooth.
  • Do not take out your frustrations on the children or husband.
  • Do not socially withdraw. Social isolation cuts you off from world and makes situation even worse.
  • Relax. Go out to movies or to the zoo with the chidlren and ofcourse include your husband. Encourage him to come along although he may not want to.

A jobless husband need not be a pain in the neck. He should be made to feel he still as important has he was before. For you, he should continue to remain the bread earner.