How to Help Husband With Depression?

Having a depressed member in your family can be very difficult. Moreover, if it’s your husband then the case becomes all the more difficult. When he is depressed, he may not be the same person you have known all these years.

Defining Depression
Depression has been defined as mood swings, manifested in feelings of irritability, sadness, loss of confidence, unhappiness, helplessness, anger, frustration on a regular basis. Besides this one can have trouble while sleeping, loss or gain in terms of either appetite or weight, difficulty in concentration due to feelings of anxiety and restlessness as well as persistent thoughts of suicide.

However, you can help him out if you just follow these simple tips that we offer you here.

Tips to help your husband

Diagnosis of Depression
The first step is to get him diagnosed. This will help you understand the stage he is in, which will result in better medication for him. In some cases, convincing your husband to visit the doctor might be the first difficult task, but you have to do it, to help him come out of this problem.

Finding the Roots of Cause
Try to find out the roots of your husband’s depression. Depression may origin from any heavy drugs that he might be taking. It may also result from any unhappy incidents that he might have faced in his life, and which come back to him frequently. Sometimes it may be just his genes too. An unhappy atmosphere either at workplace or at home may lead him into depression. Lack of certain acids in his diet may also result in depression, such as lack of folate and omega-3 fatty acids.

Changing Food Habits
Though psychiatrists may not support the notion that food habits do affect mood swings and thus, can be used effectively to treat depression patients, it is a fact. As mentioned earlier antidepressants do affect food habits. Treat him to food that if full of protein and vitamin C as they as help in improving the mood by increasing the endorphin production of the body.

Staying away from quickly absorbing high-glycaemic-index foods can help you stabilize your mood swings. Instead go for low-glycaemic foods in your diet — apples, grapefruits, cherries, dried apricots, pulses, lentils and green leafy vegetables. These will help you feel better.

Counseling Husband
If your husband is no longer in a position to be taken care of, visit a counselor and try to talk to your husband. Talk to him patiently about his fears that he might be cultivating and make him see the root of it.

Put in your best efforts and try to help him out of depression and make him the person you had been married to.