How to Save Your Marriage?

To make your relationship permanent you need to save your marriage. Why then there is the question of saving your marriage now? Perhaps something has gone wrong between you and your spouse and there is a need to re-kindle the love between two of you and enjoy life together for the rest of your life.

Recall the things that you two did together. Helped her in the kitchen. Extended your help when he is about to forget his specks and pamper him by preparing his favourite dish. Surprised each other with gifts etc. But now things don’t seem to work like those days.

It is very difficult to repair a marriage if it has gone messy and specially when you don’t want to dirty your hands. But it makes no sense in breaking a marriage when reasons are not so strong enough. Little sacrifices can be made for each other because the truth is that no matter what we do we can only grow older and the reality is that we cannot escape death. So it always makes sense to grow old together and support each other till death. Old age is the most difficult period in one’s life and no matter whaever you do you remain young, independent and healthy forever.

Compromises which do not affect our integrity can be made as we do compromise in workplaces or in the public space etc. It is better to repair a marriage than incur emotional and financial loss by going through a process of divorce and then the ordeals of courtship, romance and marriage once again.

Meet a counselor
Both the partners need to talk about it and both should meet a counselor. When both of them wish to give it a try to repair their relationship they need to work harder.

Show interest
Make tea/coffee for him or her when you get up before your spouse; cook his/her favorite meal; have his paper in his favorite chair; place his house shoes ready for him to slip into; drop her at work; bring him/her a cup of coffee while he’s relaxing; pick a flower and bring to her; help her clean the dishes after dinner; help her setting the table for dinner; take her for shopping and buy her something she always asked for and which you did not before; surprise her with a gifts (not necessarily expensive). 

Be kind and shower love
Don’t look back into your unpleasant past. Think positive and hope for better things in future.dont remind him/her of the past errors. Forgive and be kind to each other. Don’t criticize, gently put forward your expectations. We win people through sweet words, love and affection.

Look good
Make yourself attractive and praise your partner. Talk to each other and clarify your problems, questions and anxieties as it makes no sense in keeping negative feelings lingering in your heart. 

Spend more time together
Try to spend more time with each other. Every individual has different needs and expectations. So you will know better what your spouse wants. Don’t compare him/her to your role-models or mom or dad etc.

Can you have more/better sex?
Sexual likes and dislikes differ from person to person. So If your sex-life is not like as before, talk to each other about your past romance. Go on a vacation or somewhere away from home and foget your work and indulge upon each other for sometime.

Respect and praise
Don’t insult your spouse. Be patient. Accept your partner of what/how s/he is and if you can help each other improve, do that. Be sensitive to each other as that would help both of you understand each other and do things to make each other happy. Make each other feel important, praise before you criticise.

Take it easy
Pregnancy, weight gain, menopause etc. all these are part of life. Think positive play smart. Dont stress over things which you can’t improve upon. Accept each other.