How To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant?

Telling an Expectant Husband: Is your husband as excited to have your baby as you are? Then here are some great tips, to break the news to your husband.

  • Send your hubby a card which says something like,” You are the best dad in the world.”
  • Go to your favorite restaurant and tell him that the table for two isn’t just going to work because there is another member accompanying you very soon.
  • Surprise him suddenly by telling him that you had passed the test, for which you didn’t have to study for.
  • Gift him two little pair of shoes or a cute bat and ball kit or even a rattle He will then know what you are trying to say.
  • Buy a “How to take care of your baby” book and read it in front of him, of course with the cover towards him.
  • Be the stereotyped good mamma and start knitting for your baby, especially if you do not usually do so. Make your husband see what you are doing and let him guess the rest.
  • If you are still too nervous and cannot carry out these simple tricks then just go ahead and say it, “I am Pregnant.” I am sure you can still see the same amount of happiness on his face!

Telling a “Not-to-Eager” Husband
In case, your husband is not mature enough or in other words gets too nervous to actually feel unhappy about the whole thing, then here are some tips to help you.

  • Create the “feel good” factor by talking to him about babies and how life is going to be wonderful with children in and around the house.
  • Tell him about how good it feels if someone is going to call him “Daddy”.
  • Convince him that everything is going to be just fine and that taking up responsibility is fun, especially when it’s that of a kid.
  • Make him think of his childhood and tell him how he can revisit his childhood with his baby.
  • Most important is to avoid forcing the idea of a baby to him. Even if you do not succeed in convincing him do not worry. He might as well be forced to change his opinion when he sees the child.

Whatever may be the way, you are planning to crack the news it is necessary to be happy yourself. If he contributes to your happiness, well and good, if not, then don’t be sad. Motherhood is the best gift of God, and now that you are blessed with it, be happy.